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Whether you select a pediatrician from Hunterdon Pediatric Associates or a Family Physician from one of our Patient Center Medical Home (PCMH) Family Practices your child will receive the highest level of pediatric, adolescent and young-adult care.


What is a Patient Center Medical Home?(PCMH)
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Hunterdon Pediatric Associates
Hunterdon Pediatric Associates consists of a team of highly trained physicians, certified pediatric nurse practitioners, nurses and patient service representatives. All of our physicians are board-certified in pediatric medicine, having completed intensive training and examinations. Our certified nurse practitioners are uniquely qualified to oversee well childcare and diagnose and treat a wide variety of common childhood illnesses. Click below for more information about our policies and services.

What is a Pediatric Nurse Practitioners?(PNP)
PNP's are key members of the HPA team. Our PNPs are Advanced Practice Nurses. This means they completed a higher level of education with a specialty focus on pediatrics, and passed rigorous board examinations to certify their expertise. They work hand in hand with our pediatricians. Their training and skills include physical exams, developmental screening, and treatment of common illnesses. PNPs are licensed to order diagnostic tests, medications, and treatments. Their work includes a strong focus on the family and supporting patients and parents in our medical home.

Hunterdon Pediatrics Associates Staff
Locations, Hours, and Phone Numbers
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Hunterdon Pediatrics Associates Staff


Alan R. Rushton, MD, FAAP
Wayne G. Fellmeth, MD, FAAP
Rachel Brauner, DO, FAAP
John Douvris, MD, FAAP
Shacarah L. Fordjour, RN, MSN, CPNP

Michael Coraggio, MD, FAAP
Ricky Braff, MD, FAAP
Jody Kroon, MD, FAAP
Laurie McVey, RN, MSN, CPNP
Carol Koprowicz, RN, MSN, CPNP

Reading Ridge:
Mitchell Clarin, MD, FAAP
Donna Krupinski, MD, FAAP
Lori Ioriatti, RN, MSN, CPNP

Whitehouse Station:
Margaret M. Bouffard, MD, FAAP
Kevin B. Roche, MD, FAAP
Peter J. Scott, MD, FAAP

Hunterdon Pediatrics offers appointments for health check ups and sick child/emergency visits. While we allocate appointment time every day for sick child appointments, we realize that children do not get sick on schedule. If your child becomes ill when our office is closed, CALL US. Someone is available to help 24 hours a day, every day of the year.

Hunterdon Pediatrics Associates also offers appointments for adolescent health, child development, asthma services, smoking cessation weight management, sports assessment and premature baby follow-up.

We make a tremendous effort to stay on schedule and keep waiting time to an absolute minimum. We ask that you make every effort to be on time for appointments. Plan to arrive 15 minutes before well child visits to allow time for the nurse to prepare your child for the visit.

Patients who arrive late for well child visits may be asked to reschedule. Patients who arrive late for an illness visit will be worked into the schedule with the next available provider.

We recognize that siblings often have illnesses at the same time. If you would like us to evaluate more than one child at your scheduled appointment time, please tell the receptionist in advance so that their charts are available for the doctor. Each sick child deserves a complete assessment and requires proper information, time and support.

Locations, Hours, and Phone Numbers

Sand Hill Professional Building, Flemington, NJ
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 9:00 pm
Saturday: 7:45 am – 4:00 pm
Sunday: For urgent care, beginning at 9:00 am
Phone: 908-782-6700
Fax: 908-788-5861

Clinton Health Campus, Clinton, NJ
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday (except holiday weekends) 7:45am - 4:00pm
Sunday: CLOSED
Phone: 908-735-3960
Fax: 908-735-3965

Reading Ridge Center, Flemington, NJ
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED
Phone: 908-788-6070
Fax: 908-788-6005

Hunterdon Health and Wellness Center, Whitehouse Station, NJ
Monday – Friday: 8:00 am – 5:30 pm

Saturday & Sunday: CLOSED
Phone: 908-823-1100
Fax: 908-823-0433

In order to provide efficient service to our patients, visits are by appointment only. We make a tremendous effort to stay on schedule.
Patients who arrive late for well child visits may be asked to reschedule. Patients who arrive late for an illness visit will be worked into the schedule with the next available provider.

Directions to Hunterdon Pediatrics Associates Locations
Sand Hill Professional Building, Flemington
Clinton Health Campus
Reading Ridge Center, Flemington
Hunterdon Health and Wellness Center, Whitehouse Station

New Patients
If you are a new patient, you can complete the following registration form, save a copy for your records, print it, and bring it with you to your appointment.
Registration Form (PDF format - 2 pages - 67KB)

Prescription Refills
Refills for fluoride, vitamins or medications for chronic conditions can be arranged by calling our office and requesting a refill. Click here for information about obtaining prescriptions for over-the-counter medications.

School, Camp and Sports Forms
We will gladly fill out health forms if your child’s well visits are up to date. We charge just $10 to complete the forms and the fee is waived if the form is presented at the well visit or if your child is covered under Medicaid or the Patient Assistance Program.

Health forms provide information about your child. We regard proper completion of these forms as an important part of your child’s care. Please allow 5 business days for processing these forms. You must complete your portion of the form, including health history, and sign it prior to submitting it to us. Incomplete forms will be returned to you.

Telephone Advice
HPA nurses are specially trained in assisting parents in the management of a wide range of problems by following detailed telephone protocols. These protocols are designed to assist in managing simple illnesses at home and to assist the nurse in determining if an office visit is necessary in order to evaluate a more serious problem.

Some issues cannot be addressed in a telephone call. Issues such as toilet training refusal or chronic behavior problems will require an office visit. Illnesses such as ear infections or strep throat cannot be diagnosed over the phone and will require an office visit. Calls of an emergency nature will be answered or returned as soon as the nurse is available.

Telephone calls for all other advice are returned in the following timeframe:

  • By 1:30 pm if call received in the morning
  • By 6:00 pm if call is received in the afternoon


Calls made after regular office hours are handled by the St. Peter’s University Hospital Pediatric Call Center.

We take our responsibility to maintain your confidentiality very seriously. We will not release any information without written consent. For patients under 18 years old, a parent’s written consent is required.

Consent for Medical Care
If someone other than a parent or legal guardian brings a child under the age of 18 to the office, we require a consent for medical care. If a friend, babysitter or grandparent brings your child to the office, we require a written note.

Lab specimens may be collected in our office during routine visits. Some tests are done in our office including throat cultures, flu testing and urinalysis. Specimens that may need additional testing that cannot be done in our office can include throat culture back-up testing, urine cultures, stool cultures and blood testing. Hunter Pediatrics will send all specimens to Hunterdon Medical Center for processing unless your insurance specifies that samples must go to Lab Corp or Quest.

We request that parents tell the clinical staff if your insurance requires a particular lab for processing specimens.

Radiology testing may be ordered during a routine or acute visit. Our staff will provide the necessary paperwork for this testing. If your insurance requires a referral for radiology testing, our Referral Department staff will assist with this process.

Managed Health Care and Referrals
The vast majority of our patients are covered by a managed care insurance plan. It is your responsibility to know the rules of your policy regarding emergency room utilization, use of specialists and the need for referrals from our office.

Managed Care Referral Process
Obtaining a referral is not just a matter of completing a written document. It includes first obtaining authorization from you insurance company for the particular specialist or procedure. Referral authorization, except in a medical emergency situation, takes a minimum of 5 business days, sometimes longer depending of the service being requested.

Hunterdon Pediatrics has several representatives in our Referral Department available Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm, in our Sand Hill Road office. These individuals are experts at obtaining the appropriate authorization from your managed care insurance company. Please call them with any questions you have concerning your referral.

In order to ensure the referral is completed appropriately and authorized by your insurance company, please abide by the following guidelines:

Check your benefits – When your child’s pediatrician is referring you to a specialist for a consultation, or to another facility for testing, please check your benefits by calling the 800 member services number on your insurance card. Ask if the service is a covered benefit under your plan, and check to see if the specialist or facility is a participating provider.

Schedule your child’s appointment – After confirming the above, make your appointment with the specialist or testing facility. You should allow 5 business days for the referral department to process your referral before the date of your appointment. Once you have obtained you appointment for the specialist or testing facility, contact our referral department.

Call Hunterdon Pediatrics Referral Department – Next contact HPA’s Referral Department at 908-782-6700, prompt “3” to process your referral. (Your referral will not be processed until you contact our referral department.)

Please have the following information available for the Managed Care Specialist:

  • Name of specialist or facility
  • Appointment date and time
  • The method in which you would like to receive the referral (mail or pick up)


Retrieve your referral – Upon completion of each referral, you will be notified by one of our Managed Care Specialists. At that time your referral will be mailed to your, or it will be sent to the office indicated for pick-up. Included with the referral will be a cover letter that will include the name and phone number of the specialist or facility, the number of visits the referral will cover, and the expiration date of the referral.

Check status – If you do not receive a phone call from our Referral Department within 5 business days, please call any of or Managed Care Specialists at 782-6700, prompt “3” and state that you are calling to learn the status of your referral request.

Obtain additional referrals – Future follow-up referrals to the same specialist, if necessary, can be obtained by calling the Referral Department at 782-6700, prompt “3.”

Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program
Hunterdon Medical center offers a Pediatric Hospital Medicine Program for newborn and older children, providing inpatient care by a team of pediatricians who specialize in the hospitalized child. One of these pediatricians is in the hospital 24 hours per day, seven days per week to be there whenever your child needs them. They do not work in the office setting. Hospitalists can rapidly respond to emergencies, and they communicate with or HPA providers regularly if your child is in the hospital at Hunterdon Medical Center.

Adolescent Health
Our specialized training enables us to meet the unique healthcare needs of adolescents. We provide care to young adults until the age of 21 or through the college years. We offer confidential discussions of problems.

Clinical research
Clinical research trials are conducted to further scientific knowledge and provide reliable and accurate data. Hunterdon Pediatric Associates has been the study site for multiple important clinical research studies.

Insurance Information for Hunterdon Pediatrics Associates
Hunterdon Pediatric Associates participates with the following managed care health plans:

Please remember to bring your insurance card with you each time you visit our office. It is also important to have a good understanding of your healthcare benefits. Please call your managed healthcare provider directly with any questions.
If your insurance requires a referral or authorization, please contact our office at 908-782-6700. Please note that we request 2 business days to process referrals.

View Hunterdon Healthcare Practices Financial Policy
 Download Hunterdon Healthcare Practices Financial Policy (PDF format - 2 pages - 133KB)
 Download Hunterdon Healthcare Practices Financial Policy (MS Word format - 2 pages - 32KB)
 Download Hunterdon Healthcare Practices Financial Policy in Spanish (PDF format - 2 pages - 16KB)
 Download Hunterdon Healthcare Practices Financial Policy in Spanish (MS Word format - 2 pages - 36KB)

Bone and Joint Health
Flu Vaccine Information

Flu (Influenza)

Flu (Influenza) immunization visits begin when the vaccine is available (usually in September) and continue, depending on supply, through April. You can call any Hunterdon Pediatrics Associates office or your Family Physician to book an appointment.

From September through December Hunterdon Pediatrics Associates offers Flu clinics on select Saturdays and evenings. You must give the receptionist your current health insurance information when booking your appointment. Hunterdon Pediatrics will no longer offer flu vaccine for parents and other family members of our patients. Flu vaccine will be given to children at well and sick office visits. Siblings of the scheduled child may also be immunized at that time.

Parents and caregivers are strongly encouraged to seek flu vaccine from their primary care provider.